Our Team

Our providers are experts, uniquely qualified in the Triangle area to combine complementary and conventional approaches to healing and wellness.


Paul McAndrew

physical therapist, Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Co-Director

Paul McAndrew has maintained a private clinical practice for over 30 years. Paul's previous clinical experience includes: 

  • Director of Physical Therapy at The Atlanta Back Clinic

  • Senior Therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Private practice in Boston and Arlington, Massachusetts

His teaching experience includes Feldenkrais courses for medical and movement professionals and the general public.

Paul earned a B.S. in Physical Therapy at Northeastern University and practitioner certification from the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America. He is a member of APTA's private practice, women's health, and pediatrics groups.

Paul is a devoted father of four and grandfather of five. He loves dance, jazz, basketball, dog walking, hiking, and gardening.


Caitlin Schmitt

Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist

Caitlin earned her Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. She is also certified in Therapeutic Massage and Health Education with additional training in Craniosacral Therapy and pain science education.

The recent development of her career in PT has emphasized aquatic therapy and her experience is primarily with patients with neurological conditions and chronic pain.  Through this experience, it became evident that for many patients a more mindful, attentive, and holistic approach would be most effective. This is what brought her to The Wellness Station. She completed a CEU course with Paul McAndrew on Treating Chronic Pain in 2018 and is now integrating Feldenkrais principles into her work under his mentorship.  She is very excited about this work and feels that the approach is often more effective than more traditional physical therapy interventions.

Caitlin specializes in CST and has completed trainings from the Upledger institute including: CST1, CST2, & SER1. She will complete her CST-T certification in 2019.


Lorraine Davis

Aerial Yoga Teacher, THe Healing Stories Project, Co-Director

Lorraine is inspired by the freedom, strength, and joy that come with aerial yoga. She teaches students to explore their yoga practice with self-compassion and curiosity. 

The Healing Stories Project grows from a passion for expanding human connection through storytelling and listening.

Lorraine is a lifelong student of movement arts. She shares with Paul the joys of four adult children and five grandchildren. She loves the natural world, good food and conversation, dogs, and dancing.


Rachel Zingone

Clinical Herbalist, Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner, OFFICE MANAGER

In addition to managing the administrative side of the Wellness Station, Rachel has been operating her own alternative healing practice since 2014.  With over 10 years experience as a clinical herbalist, Rachel helps people to discover natural ways to maintain and regain their health. As a consulting hypnotist specializing in medical concerns and health issues, Rachel works to help people increase healing time as well as increase pain thresholds reducing the needs for medications. Rachel is also trained in Reiki as a method for stress reduction, nervous system regulation and for increased healing in long term and chronic ailments. Find out more at www.rachezingone.com.

cheryl headshot.jpg

Cheryl Fenner Brown C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

Studio manager, yoga therapist, HOly Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master

Cheryl found yoga in 2001 as a way to ease chronic back pain and became instantly enchanted by the subtle connections between the breath, body, mind, and emotions. Students appreciate her deeply educational approach to yoga and her classes weave anatomy, philosophy, asana, mudra, chanting, pranayama and yoga nidra together for a well-rounded experience delivered with compassion and humor. Cheryl encourages each student to honor where they are in their bodies every time they step onto the mat so deep healing and transformation takes place. She specializes in working with people over 50, cancer patients, and those with structural injuries and ailments. Find out more at www.yogacheryl.com.