Uplift Aerial Yoga & Fitness

Take a meaningful step in self-care while suspended in our aerial silks. The Wellness Station’s Uplift program is an innovative form of aerial yoga, grounded in the Feldenkrais Method. It’s a uniquely effective way to build overall strength and flexibility.

Classes are similar to a yoga flow or vinyasa class, moving fluidly from one pose to the next, using breath and alignment cues to focus on building stamina. Our circus-strength hammocks support dynamic weight. They can be used for standing, sitting, and floor-based positions. When used for inversions and full body support, the strong, soft, and compressive aerial silks shift the nervous system into a deeply restorative state. 

In addition to deepening your ability to create calm and ease, Uplift Aerial Yoga & Fitness is designed to grow well-being through mindfulness. The program encourages space and mobility in your joints, while targeting the spine to decrease compression and stiffness. Uplift can also improve balance responses, refine posture, and promote healthy aging.

Uplift Aerial Yoga & Fitness video

  • Lorraine guides a safe and gentle exploration of the beautiful UpLift movement tool. I’ve explored many movement forms, and none provide me with the freedom and unique sensations of the silks.”
    — Patti R.
  • The Introduction to Uplift Movement/Aerial Yoga class with Lorraine Davis is a perfect first taste of how aerial silks can enhance the experience of yoga.”
    — Judith C.
  • Aerial movement with silks is a modality to complement and, for me, replace yoga. While being supported as much or as little as needed, it gives the benefits of movement, balance and strengthening exercises.”
    — Leslie K.