Awareness Through Movement

Group sessions of the Feldenkrais Method are called Awareness Through Movement. Studies have found the group approach to be effective at relieving pain, improving balance, and achieving additional physical and mental gains.

Like yoga, the Feldenkrais Method is a body awareness approach. But Feldenkrais places less emphasis on particular postures—and more on self-regulation and learning. Through a series of slow, gentle, and varied movement lessons, this method helps people adopt more functionally efficient movement patterns and promotes somatic learning. The resulting neurological and motor gains can greatly improve quality of life. 

Awareness Through Movement offers an excellent way to explore the Feldenkrais Method for the first time or to promote long-term wellness after completing a plan of care.

  • [Paul McAndrew's] sensitivity, thoroughness and precise response to my problem was amazing, and the exercises he prescribed helped me gain mobility and move my entire back and legs more freely. I am now a huge fan of Feldenkrais therapy, and the classes that augment the personal sessions.
    — Lorna C.
  • I leave class moving with more grace and ease every single time. In addition, Paul's light manner and quirky sense of humor ensures that I will have a good dose of laughter as well.
    — Joanne D.