Family Fitness

The Wellness Station provides fitness services to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Our practitioners are passionate about helping clients reach their fitness goals, enhance athletic or performance skills, reduce stress, and improve body awareness. 

We specialize in strategies for vitality, function, and comfort for all ages. Using the Feldenkrais Method, we develop custom fitness lessons for children experiencing typical development, as well as delays and disabilities. Most classes can accommodate ages 16 and up, and we hold special workshops designed to accommodate children as young as 6. No matter your age, we go beyond one-size-fits-all exercise programs to meet your unique needs.

Alternative therapies can complement traditional orthopedic and other treatments, and group fitness offers a relatively low-cost option for leveraging gains made in other avenues of care. Let a family-friendly group fitness class at The Wellness Station round out your wellness plan. 

  • The Introduction to Uplift Movement/Aerial Yoga class with Lorraine Davis is a perfect first taste of how aerial silks can enhance the experience of yoga. Under Lorraine’s gentle and skillful guidance, we used the support of the silks to release into downward dog, dip deeply into chair pose, and relax in Savasana with the silks as our hammock.”
    — Judith C.
  • [My husband and I] had both been to physical therapists, but the Feldenkrais system was so much more gentle, and gave us such positive results. Paul ... not only has the skills required, but he cares about each patient.”
    — Jean S.
  • What a blessing it was to have been sent to Paul! ... It was the most practical medical advice I have ever gotten. I followed his instructions and suggestions and had immediate results.”
    — Stacey L.