Special Needs Children

The Feldenkrais Method® ’s playful and neurologically focused nature makes it ideal for children, who thrive when gently and organically guided. The Wellness Station’s therapy is informed by developmental milestones, but focuses more on the child’s current abilities. Movement patterns a child already does well provide scaffolding to stimulate the brain's profound capacity to learn and change. 

Our brains develop in response to our experiences. In childhood, organic engagement with the physical world provides our nervous systems with rich fuel. But in some cases, a child’s unique limitations may reduce these opportunities for somatic learning. The Wellness Station’s therapy focuses on the movement patterns a child does well. Those movements provide the neurological scaffolding for future progress.

In a playful and nurturing manner, we evaluate a child’s abilities before developing customized programs and goals. We use the Feldenkrais Method® , which emphasizes slow, repetitive movements. This approach enables the child’s brain to process rich sensory information from the experience. It also promotes neuromuscular calm. Throughout therapy, we prioritize the child’s engagement, responsiveness, and enjoyment.

You and your child will discover movement patterns that stimulate progress without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. During physical therapy sessions, parents and other caregivers learn how to follow through confidently and effectively with their child's developmental lessons.


  • Cerebral palsy

  • Anxiety

  • Developmental delay

  • Autism