Digging: Feldenkrais Inspired

3 Tips for Efficiency:

1. Wet or moisten the area before to soften soil, although you may not need to after the wet winter we had!

2. Sharpen your shovel at Stone Brothers and Byrd in Durham.

3.  Wear firm soled boots to cushion any pushing (and for overall critter protection) on the shovel, here are the Top 10 Landscaping Boots of 2019.

Watch Paul show you how to move those hips and use your body efficiently in the garden!

Body Mechanics: How to be Strong, Supple, and Savvy with a Shovel!

1. Use your thigh for leverage. For example, if your right hand is lower on the shovel use your right forearm on your right thigh, then use your left hand to press down.

2. Throw soil to the same side as your lower hand. Switch hands and sides regularly so as not to favor any one side or arm.

3. Use your hips! Pivot from the hips towards the soil, imagine illuminating the soil as you toss it with a light from the front of your pelvis.

4. Relax your low back and pelvis by taking breaks to “stir the pot”-imagine standing with your hands resting on your lower back and hips and then make a slow circular motion as if you’re standing inside of a barrell or hoola hoop. Try to do this BEFORE you’re stiff and tired and feel like you “need” to.