Comfort From the Inside Out

Consider thinking of someone—-imagining this person experiencing joy, peace, love, the comforts of home, magic, and kindness.

Please pay attention to your breath cycle, feel your breath moving in and out gently and pleasantly. And then while breathing in a relaxed fashion,i magine that friend once again, with all of those positive experiences occurring, almost like that person has become love, joy, magic etc.

I’d like to suggest that you pause, feel your breath cycle once again, and then all of those wonderful experiences that you imagined for your friend, turn those around and feel yourself becoming joy, love, peace, the comforts of home, magic, and kindness.

Fill your whole body breathing those experiences and then appreciate that you and your friend are sharing the same experience, you and your kindness towards your friend always is rewarded by her own self care and nourishment.

  Consider something of this nature maybe in the morning, or before falling off to sleep at night and you’ll notice how thankful you are for your life and for what others benefit from being in your life