Physical Therapy

Physical therapy with the Feldenkrais Method enhances a person’s natural abilities to adopt healthier use of the body. Feldenkrais movement lessons utilize the brain's inherent neuroplasticity. It’s a uniquely beneficial approach for childhood and adult neurological conditions, as well as musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Visit our About page to view a list of conditions treated at The Wellness Station.

Fitness Classes

Uplift Aerial Yoga & Fitness & Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement

You’ll encounter elements of aerial yoga, strength training, the Feldenkrais Method, and mindfulness training in our programs. The Wellness Station designed this blended approach to target physical fitness, balance, posture, stress resilience, and neuromuscular calm.

Continuing Competence

For physical therapists, biannual license renewal offers an opportunity to expand your practice tools. Paul’s seminars are accredited to meet licensing requirements, and his instruction provides a rich educational experience.