The Feldenkrais Method & Physical Therapy

The Feldenkrais Method offers a nonaddictive, noninvasive, and often relatively low-cost approach to pain, balance disorders, mobility and coordination challenges, and more. Through sensorimotor learning, this approach guides clients to adopt more functionally efficient movement patterns. The slow, structured Feldenkrais movement lessons also directly target the nervous system by promoting mindfulness and neuromuscular calm.

 Children with Special Needs

The Feldenkrais Method’s playful and neurologically focused nature makes it ideal for children, who thrive when gently and organically guided. The Wellness Station’s therapy is informed by developmental milestones, but focuses more on the child’s current abilities. Movement patterns a child already does well provide scaffolding to stimulate the brain's profound capacity to learn and change. 

Balance Training and Falls Prevention 

The Wellness Station offers a comprehensive set of services to maintain and recover balance. Starting with a clinical evaluation, we customize this service bundle to treat the whole person. Balance therapy services include one-on-one physical therapy, group sessions, and UpLift Aerial Yoga & Fitness.

Pain Management

Even if you don’t have a personal or family history of addiction, you may feel nervous about the use of opioids. Physical therapy and fitness grounded in the Feldenkrais Method offers an alternative for relief, comfort, and recovery.